Who we are:

As a truly African company employing more than 6,200 people in various business sectors, the Ohlthaver & List Group is rooted in, and committed to, Africa and all her people. The Group emerged from the early Ohlthaver & List Bank Kommission partnership between Hermann Ohlthaver and Carl List in 1919; subsequently Ohlthaver & List Finance and Trading Corporation Limited (Olfitra) was established in Namibia on the 13th of May 1923. The Group’s Headquarters is located in Windhoek, Namibia.

Today, O&L is Namibia’s largest privately held group of companies, with revenues contributing roughly 4% to GDP. It has business interests in food production, fishing, beverages, farming, retail trade, information technology, property leasing and development, renewable power generation, marine engineering, steel retailing, advertising and the leisure and hospitality industry.

The parent companies of Olfitra are O&L Holdings (Proprietary) Limited and List Trust Company (Proprietary) Limited, with the controlling shareholder of the O&L Group being the Werner List Trust.

With annual revenues of over N$5 billion, O&L is a major contributor to state coffers and is in the position of being a significant contributor to GDP in Namibia. Wherever it operates, this diverse group is actively engaged in uplifting the lives of its employees, its consumers, and society generally. We at O&L are relentless in our pursuit of a sustainable future for all and therefore passionately embrace our Purpose: ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’ in everything we do, while actively pursuing our Vision, which is: ‘To be a catalyst for positive change, creating new realities and fulfilling dreams’.

Creating a future, enhancing Life


  • A catalyst for positive change
  • Delivering new realities
  • Fulfilling dreams


Our Vision Metrics:

  • Leading Genius
  • Global Top 25 GPTW
  • 10,000 Employment Opportunities Secured
  • N$4 Billion EBIT

Our Values

Let's Talk

Open, honest, down to earth, from the heart communication
I talk about my expectations, know my business and share its success stories with others 
I create an environment of openness and transparency where everybody is free to talk
I have discussions with my employees, their expectations, and provide regular feedback
I am open to contributions and listen in a manner that promote long term relationships and connection

Let's Do It

Deliver on tasks with speed and quality
I act decisively
I create an environment where others can provide input and action
I own, support and drive the strategy of the Company 
I create a high level of connection and affinity to deliver

Hooked On Results


Committed to delivering breakthrough outcomes
I deliver on my promises
I constantly seek to provide new ideas and more innovative ways of achieving success
I am inspired and motivated to deliver beyond expectations
I am responsible for the success of my company 

We Grow People


Taking responsibility and providing opportunities for growth
I am responsible for my growth, development and success
I empower everyone around me to grow, develop and succeed
I celebrate the successes of myself, my colleagues and my company
I own the company's performance management and succession strategies

We all serve

Serving the purpose, owning the whole, everyone matters
I create excellent customer experiences and always go the extra mile
I create conditions for people to succeed everywhere
I am connected to and in service of the purpose of the company
I serve my Company, Community and Country

Naturally today for tomorrow


Caring about the future, caring about everyone
I respect the culture, beliefs and views of all people and do not discriminate on religion, race, gender or sexual orientation
I care about my and everyone's health
I care about the environment and ensure future sustainability of natural resources
I am an ambassador of my company's products & services

We do the right things right

Bringing thinking to everything 
I strive for excellence in whatever I do
I display honesty and integrity in all my actions
I take accountability for my actions 
I am guided by what is best for the company and its people